XRAY XB2 – Making of

the 2024 XB2 was designed and made at the XRAY factory in Europe and see all the finest details of the final pre-production prototype that has been close to the final production design.

HB Racing D8 World Spec Buggy

New from HB Racing is the D8 World Spec 1/8 nitro buggy. The D8 WS is the production version of the prototype that our HB Racing Team Drivers ran at the 2022 IFMAR Worlds in Spain. New suspension geometry enlarges the tuning envelope for contemporary style race tracks which are becoming higher speed and higher traction.

In addition to new symmetrical suspension arms, the D8 WS now features adjustable pills on all 4 of the inner suspension mounts, delivering a wider variety of settings and quicker adjustment. And, the caster blocks, steering hubs, and rear hubs are now compatible with the latest HB truggy so racers who run both classes can carry fewer spare parts to the track. The D8 WS has been exten- sively tested and raced around the world, and is proven to deliver quicker lap times than our previous D819RS buggy.

HB Racing


New from HB Racing is the D4 Evo3 1/10 scale 4WD electric buggy. HB designer Torrance Deguzman updated his innovative D418 design with new high performance features aimed to optimize performance on carpet and high grip race tracks. The D4 Evo3 includes a new chassis that moves the motor forward for improved weight balance, new gearboxes to allow lower ride height without compromising the suspension geometry, a lowered carbon fiber front shock tower, and E8 style chassis braces/rods that allow side flex while maintaining bending stiffness. Also included are DCJ (Dual Cardan Joint) front universals to eliminate front wheel chatter, machined aluminum front caster blocks, and new fully adjustable machined aluminum rear hub carriers. The D4 Evo3 is faster, stronger, and more adjustable…

Kyosho Dirt Master 1/10 2WD Buggy

Developed as a ‘neo-retro’ model, the Kyosho “Dirt master” combines modern chassis design with traditional features. Breathtaking performance powers you over any low-grip surface from vacant lots to full-scale racing circuits. For your first Kyosho buggy, this is the one!

Brand new 1/10 Scale Radio Controlled Electric Powered 2WD Buggy Assembly kit Ultima SB Dirt Master. Buggies were created to venture off-road over rough surfaces at high speed and the Ultima SB Dirt Master is a return to the purest form of this fun and excitement.

If you want more than the entry-level model can deliver but top-end models are too focused on racing, the Dirt Master is perfect for good honest bush-bashing fun! Based on the competition-level Ultima RB5, the Dirt Master was developed as a mid-class buggy featuring high quality key performance components, at a reasonable price. The rear motor layout ensures secure rear tire grip that demonstrates rock-solid stability over low grip surfaces such as gravel and riverbeds. As the Ultima SB Dirt Master shares its racing heritage with the RB5, it is also at home on fully-fledged RC racing circuits too. With the excellent basic chassis design and a completely new body with a nostalgic flair, beginner drivers looking to step up to the next level of performance or hard-core racers looking for some fun will discover the Ultima SB Dirt Master is true to the original spirit of the buggy.

Schumacher CAT L1R 1/10 4WD Buggy

Schumacher introduce the awesome 1/10 4WD Competition Off Roader the CAT L1R.

The Schumacher CAT L1R brings all the latest developments from the Schumacher international racing team, to make another sensational 4WD buggy, a buggy that can take you to the top of the podium. The L1R features improved suspension geometry, lighter weight, better durability, and a new JConcepts bodyshell. The L1 series of buggies have already won the European EOS championship, British BRCA national championship, and the USA ROAR carpet nationals. The L1R is an awesome looking buggy that is sure to be a winner on all types of track.

New – Front hub carriers with screw on steering plates, allows adjustability to suite all track conditions.
New – Layshaft and slipper plates with M4 layshaft Nut. Lightweight, twin pad slipper clutch with Ultra Fine adjustment spring. The new drive interface for the plates and gears allows more true/concentric running and improves the efficiency
New – Rear suspension geometry for more stability and improved rear traction. This new geometry keeps the car flatter in the turn while maintaining its grip through the corner.
New – Wider suspension mounts.
New – Rear hub carrier with larger outer hub bearings and multi positional camber settings. 10 camber link positions on one plate with shims to adjust the vertical height
New – Longer rear U/J steel driveshafts.
New – Rear camber strap.
New – Hard anodised -1.5mm width, 12mm wheel hex.
New – Suspension pivots inserts for more accuracy and durability. Steel top hat bushes for longer lasting pivots and a greater span for the bearing area of the effective hinge pin length.
New – JConcepts bodyshell design. Popular well known style which offers a great balance of steering and stability.
New – Shorter front U/J driveshafts. More forward drive and reactiveness.
New – Longer front diff outputs.
New – Stronger front upper transmission housings.
New – Updated front wishbones.
New – Steering ball cup and 5.5mm ballstuds.
New – Front inner 3.5mm hingepin with raised position. For more forward drive and agility.
New – Low CofG pinned and centre mounted motor mount. That allows full height shorty lipos to fit in the new forward mounting position. The Lipo position is 9mm further forwards than the previous model.
New – Hard anodised 2mm 7075-T6 alloy chassis. Pocketed for easy radio access with S2 removable trays. Sleak new shape to the rear of the light weight and flexible chassis which allows the car to transfer weight to the rear through corners without the chassis catching the track.
New – Moulded composite side pods. Allowing the flex to remain with these soft high quality moulding
New – Easy access LiPo mounting with further forward positioning.
New – 3 piece top decks.
New – Longer rear shock shaft.
New – Rear 1.8mm Anti-roll bar to match the new geometry, included.
New – Gear diff pulley housing with thicker planetary gear shim for better durability. Improve efficiency of the diff in the run.
New – Moulded shock pistons and bushes.
New – ‘S2’ shock brackets. To suite the new front and rear geometry’s

Tamiya TT-02BR 1/10 4WD Buggy

Tamiya 1/10 4WD Buggy TT-02BR is coming, including the Options Parts and provide more suspesion set-up adjustments.

• The transmission uses the oil bath gear differential to be able to adjust the traction simply by using different viscosities of oils.
• New front and rear shock mounts offer more oil filled shock and upper link configuration options.
• The use of front and rear homokinetics ensures stable transmission regardless of suspension travel.
• The central axle and joints have plastic parts to limit wear on the joint.
• Includes two rear wings: a standard Neo Scorcher kit (clear) and the TRF201 part no. 54211 wing. The TRF201 wing includes two large design wings to adjust downforce to track surface conditions and are included also wing holder spacers to adjust the rear wing angle.
• The upper adjustable arms are longer than 4 ~ 6mm and help prevent deformation of the plastic adjustment sections and ensure improved suspension movement.
• The connection of the steering with flanged tubes is characterized by a longer life thanks to the fixing with hexagonal head screws and lock nuts compared to the fixing with 3 × 18 stepped screws.
• Features ball bearings.
• Comes with a dedicated carrying case for the TT-02BR chassis.
• Includes Neo Scorcher bodywork (clear). * Please note that Neo Scorcher stickers are not included.
• Engine and R / C system. they are sold separately.

Include the Options Parts
– Aluminum transmission shaft (new code).
– Carbon shock absorber supports (new code).
– XV-02 / TT-02 Differential with oil bath gears (code TO22049).
– Couplings for aluminum transmission shaft TT-02 (code TO54501).
– Pinion 17T module 06 in hardened aluminum (code TO54768).
– TT-02B / DF-03 aluminum shock absorber set (code TO54993).
– Aluminum rear hubs (code TO53793).
– TT-02B Complete set of adjustable upper arms TO54539).
– DF-02 Constant velocity joints (code TO53791).
– Oversized front rims, 62/25 (code TO53880).
– Oversized rear rims, 62/35 (code TO53881).
– TRF201 rear wing set (code TO54211).
– TT-02B Lower arms and reinforced gear covers 2pcs (code TO54815).
– TT-02 Reinforced lower frame black color (code 54926)