HISINGY KIWOO flying pets

Welcome to the era of futuristic technology! There is a unique pet that requires neither feeding nor cleaning up after. Allow me to introduce you to the next generation of flying pets from HISINGY – KIWOO!

KIWOO has evolved from the original STARGAZER aircraft and boasts extraordinary intelligence. It incorporates a powerful ChatGPT and continuously improves its abilities through an intelligent chip that learns to adapt to your behavior, making it a true smart pet.

You can control KIWOO through voice commands, enabling it to fly, jump, and even dance! KIWOO can also interact with other FlyPets, forming an unmanned drone pet community, allowing your child to better understand and experience the digital world.

KIWOO has a compact shell, making it easy to carry to parks, beaches, mountaintops, or anywhere you go. These little guys are not only clever and witty, but also extremely cute. You can set various expressions and personalities through the app to meet your personalized needs.

As a new generation of FlyPets, KIWOO has a powerful energy management system, with a companion time of up to 18 hours. They do not produce any noise or pollution, making them truly green pets. They are very durable, able to withstand various environments and weather conditions, and are your long-term loyal companions.

KIWOO not only accompanies you through boring times, but can also take real-time photos and videos, recording your precious moments. Moreover, KIWOO can provide practical monitoring functions, keeping watch over your home and arriving at your location promptly when you need help.

Want to own these futuristic and intelligent unmanned drone pets? Join us now, explore the unknown world with them, and become the lucky one to own a FlyPet!