Schumacher ‘Classic’ Range ProCat 4WD Buggy

Schumacher ‘Classic’ Range new Re-Release The Legendary ProCat !

The legendary Schumacher ProCat dominated 4WD off road racing in the early 90’s, winning multiple championships including the 1990 Euros with the late great Phil Davies.

Now you can relive the glory days with the ProCat Classic. It is an authentic re-release using much of the original tooling, but with a few subtle improvements such as fittings for modern lipo batteries.The ProCat Classic will be a top contender at vintage RC races, or will make a fabulous addition to any collection, as one of the most iconic RC cars of all time. K193 – ProCat Classic – Kit, Shipping Early November 2022.


  • High quality GRP chassis.
  • Efficient fibre reinforced drive belts.
  • 14 ball, ball differential, invented by Cecil Schumacher in 1978.
  • Unique alloy coil over oil filled laydown front shock absorbers.
  • Front double wishbone suspension with massive travel.
  • Huge steering lock to handle the tightest tracks.
  • Front ‘O’ ring ‘crashback’ system to minimise front end crash damage.
  • Tough polycarbonate bodyshell to keep out the dirt.
  • Original Schumacher tyres.
  • Accepts period NiMh batteries or modern shorty LiPos.
  • Accepts brushed or brushless motors.
  • Option parts available including a transmission upgrade #U7236 to handle modern high powered motors, and create a class leading buggy for vintage RC racing.

Traxxs All-New 8s 1/6 XRT

The Traxxas XRT fuses race-inspired design and engineering with X-Maxx® power and strength. The result is an all-new platform with sharp reflexes and unprecedented stability that is capable of exploiting the upper range of extreme 8s power and speed.

Race-Inspired Engineering
Extreme 8s Power and Speed
X-Truck™ Size and Strength

XRT was engineered with a focus on speed, handling, and performance. XRT’s low center of gravity, ultra-wide stance and low-profile body deliver confidence and control as XRT accelerates across the wide-open spaces to an all-out speed of 60+MPH.

XRT performance and durability begins with its all-metal 8s driveline. Steel 4-gear differentials and steel driveshafts are joined by a high-strength extruded aluminum center shaft. It’s a precision-engineered recipe that has been proven monster-truck tough in the X-Maxx.

XRT’s performance-focused chassis design is configured to lower the center of gravity for superior handling and stability. The dual 6700 4s batteries and the steering servo are positioned to place the weight as low as possible in the chassis and provide protection for these critical components.

XRT’s patent-pending clipless body easily removes and installs in just seconds and yet it locks in place with incredible strength and security. The system uses a cage inside the body to minimize flex while external skids are strategically placed to protect the body.

XRT’s Gravix™ race tires are a revolutionary new hybrid design with densely packed biting edges and sipes. They deliver outstanding grip on hard-packed surfaces along with fast and quiet-running precision.

Already Traxxas’ most powerful speed control, XRT’s VXL-8s™ goes even further with an aggressive tune that maximizes power output across the entire RPM range. More power under the curve delivers mid-range punch that hits hard for rolling wheelies on demand. Bury the throttle at any speed and XRT responds instantly with effortless acceleration.

The result is an all-new platform with sharp reflexes and unprecedented stability that is capable of exploiting the upper range of extreme 8s power and speed.

DJI’s Mavic 3 drone will launch on November 2

So, is the upcoming product a new drone from the Mavic 3 family? In the FCC filings, DJI mentions a Mavic 3 Classic drone that will sport the same technical construction, including electrical and mechanical parts, as the original Mavic 3 aircraft. But the biggest change is that this new Mavic 3 Classic will come with just one camera instead of two, meaning the tele lens will be sacrificed. In addition, DJI mentions that the lens version will be changed. But previous leaks have indicated the camera specs will likely remain the same.

Xray X4’23 1/10 touring car

The World Championship winning Xray X4, 2023 version.

• All-new XLP shocks are 9mm shorter for improved cornering speed, steering response, and stability makes the car easier to drive in all surface conditions

• Shocks are 2.6g lighter removing 10.4g from the front and rear of the chassis improves weight placement while retaining the same internal oil volume compared to ULP shocks for consistent dampening

• New pistons for improved travel from the more compact shock design

• New springs are 3mm shorter to match the new shocks. Available in a full range of standard spring rates plus 2 new alternatives of the progressive springs C2.4-2.6 and C2.6-2.9

• The most popular spring combo is included in the kit: C2.5-2.8 in front and C2.6 in rear

• All-new membrane shape and material for reduced maintenance. • The membranes have a longer lifespan without any change to rebound settings

• Front shock towers matched to short shocks. 8mm lower to improve CG with two optimized shock mounting positions

• Rear shock tower is updated to work with the short shocks.

• Redesigned with additional material to improve durability in severe crashes and 8mm lower with 2 shock mounting positions to improve CG and optimize handling.

• Heavy duty lower bulkheads improve durability while maintaining ultra-low weight

• Heavy duty upper clamps improve durability in hard crashes

• 3 dot caster bushings are included for the rear suspension for most common 2.5 and 3.5 rear caster settings

• ECS and CVD axles feature grooves for the new SCS – spring clip system that secures the wheel hub to the axle. The new SCS system allows easier assembly and maintenance.

• Wheel hubs are 0.5mm narrower than original X4 hexes to improve steering and traction and install using new axle SCS spring clip system

• Front and rear BB drive shafts included for improved cornering speed and rotation

• Steel diff and solid axle outdrives included to work with BB drive shafts

• Heavy duty steering plates with improved strength from thicker material provide improved durability. New shape gives extra clearance when using low downstop to prevent arm rub at full steering lock. Counter sunk screw from the bottom for easier bump steer adjustment and no need to change ball end length.

• Stronger ARS plates from thicker material for improved durability in serious crashes. The new design uses counter sunk screw from the bottom for easier toe gain/loss shims adjustment.

• 1mm longer pivot balls included in the kit together with standard ones if more than 0.5 shim is used under rear hub for better thread engagement and improved hub durability

• Rear graphite body post holder provides improved durability in serious crashes. Instead of the previous groove, there are 6 holes with 1.2mm spacing for easier and more precise mounting of horizontal rear body posts

• 2pc top decks included in the kit for improved steering and traction. Reinforced around the motor mount screws area and the flex groove in the front top deck is thinner to keep more material for improved durability.

• The included front top deck is tailored for common conditions typically found when using either graphite or aluminium chassis.

• The graphite editions include the open front top deck; both aluminium editions include the braced front deck with a special wave shaped bridge that reinforces the flex of the front suspension without being completely rigid for improved stability and better consistency in higher traction conditions.

• Most common 1.2 front/rear anti-roll bars included into the graphite version and 1.3 front and 1.2 rear in aluminium versions

Bittydesign VPR 1/10 No Prep Street Drag racing body

The body shell was designed on AE DR10 chassis but can also be mounted on Losi 22S chassis No Prep Drag, Traxxas Slash 2wd Drag Car & Traxxas Drag Slash 1/10.

Making reference to one of the most iconic american supercar ever made, Bittydesign (BD) took inspiration to design the lines of the VPR body shell adapted to the production needs, the phase of refinement took several months to optimize every detail, the search of perfection has been obsessive in order to offer a product that respect BD standards of quality and excellence.

VPR is a body shell with a breathtaking look designed for drag races, the look and its real shapes have been developed in compliance with the rules for the No Prep “Street” category. Accessories that make the difference! During the design BD have thought of every possible detail and this has led us to produce a few parts that complete the racing look of the VPR and aid in performance. Rear spoiler (extension) to improve and “clean” the air turbulence generated in the rear; this part is included together with the body shell Rear huge GT wing (#BDDG-VPRW) to reproduce the exact style of the 1:1 scale GT car, this part is sold apart as optional.

Pro-Line 1/10 Mickey Thompson Baja Pro X Predator F/R 1.9″ Crawler Tires

Pro-Line is proud to announce their first licensed 1.9″ tire from Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels, the Baja Pro™ X! The Baja Pro™ X is a competition-proven extreme terrain tire perfect for your 1.9″ rock buggy or crawler.

Coming in at a massive 4.85″ tall x 2″ wide, this is one of the largest 1.9″ tires Pro-Line has ever made! Molded in your choice of our legendary G8 or Predator compounds, all the details of this gnarly tire are captured in perfect 1/10 scale detail: from the Tread Biter™ cleats for added traction to the Mud Scoops for added cleaning power, to the Massive Sidebiters® and angled shoulder scallops for ultimate side grip. Symmetric directional tread pattern provides excellent traction and cleaning power as well.

For the ultimate upgrade to your Capra™ or SCX-10™, combine the Baja Pro™ Xs with our 1.9″ Holcomb bead-loc wheels (PRO280903) and Dual Stage 1.9″ Foams (PRO617400). Just like the full-size Baja Pro™ X tires.