Schumacher STORM ST

Schumacher re-entered the competitive stadium truck market with the STORM ST, and achieved multiple race victories, including the European EOS series and MK British GP. The new STORM ST2 takes stadium trucks to the next level with improved suspension geometry, durability and adjustability. The STORM ST2 features a lightweight, low centre of gravity design, for optimum performance on a wide range of track surfaces. Whether you race on high grip carpet, medium grip astro, or low grip dirt, the STORM ST2 is a winner.

The knowledge and experience from Schumacher’s racing and engineering team has been applied to every detail of the STORM ST2’s design to make a fast, easy to drive, and user friendly truck that will take you to the top step of the podium.

FlySky new product launched

FlySky, the new FBr12 receiver was launched! It’s absolutely a great news for the RC boats and crawling users. It supports up to 12 channels and ibus2 which means it’s compatible with the ibus2 sensors! In addition, it supports PPX7 waterproof.

Another new launched Rx is FS-R4D-ESC.It’s a powerful ANT protocol receiver which is integrated with ESC. Also, it’s integrated with lamp control board function as well. What a superior Rx it is slim, lightweight, and easy to install.

Hobbywing Platinum HV 260A V5

NEW Product form Hobbywing, the Platinum HV 260A V5 for RC Helicopter, gives you an unprecedented flying experience.

1.New double-sided hollow design,significantly improved heat dissipation
2.Constant speed performance upgrade,ultimate flight experience
3.Built-in 12V Switch BEC,stronger output capability
4.Support multiples backhaul protocols,strong adaptability.
5.Synchronous rectification technology,multiple advantages
6.Built-in anti-spark circuitry
7.Multiple protections,double security

Traxxas RC Backpack and Duffel Bag

Based on the pro-quality bags our team uses in the field, the new Traxxas backpack and duffel bag protect your gear and get you to your destination in style. Large padded main compartments accommodate a variety of Traxxas models, while special compartments hold a transmitter, tools, batteries, and other gear. Protect your valuable investment and travel like a pro with the Traxxas RC backpack and duffel bag.

Traxxas RC Backpack
Thick, weather-resistant nylon fabric
Heavy duty zippers and stitching
Large zippered front pockets for tools and parts
Four-compartment battery organizers
Thick padded sidewalls
Large side pockets for chargers
Padded shoulder straps and comfort back panel
23.0″ tall (585 mm) x 11.8″ wide (300 mm) x 11.8″ deep (300 mm)

Traxxas RC Duffel Bag
Perfect for 1/10 and 1/8 scale models
Thick, weather-resistant nylon fabric
Heavy duty zippers and stitching
Large outer pockets for tools, parts, and chargers
Reinforced carry handles
Padded inner liner with interior storage pockets
Reinforced bottom with plastic feet
Metal hooks for connecting a shoulder strap (sold separately)
29.5″ long (745 mm) x 11.8″ wide (300 mm) x 11.8″ tall (300 mm)