HB Racing D8 World Spec Buggy

New from HB Racing is the D8 World Spec 1/8 nitro buggy. The D8 WS is the production version of the prototype that our HB Racing Team Drivers ran at the 2022 IFMAR Worlds in Spain. New suspension geometry enlarges the tuning envelope for contemporary style race tracks which are becoming higher speed and higher traction.

In addition to new symmetrical suspension arms, the D8 WS now features adjustable pills on all 4 of the inner suspension mounts, delivering a wider variety of settings and quicker adjustment. And, the caster blocks, steering hubs, and rear hubs are now compatible with the latest HB truggy so racers who run both classes can carry fewer spare parts to the track. The D8 WS has been exten- sively tested and raced around the world, and is proven to deliver quicker lap times than our previous D819RS buggy.

HB Racing


New from HB Racing is the D4 Evo3 1/10 scale 4WD electric buggy. HB designer Torrance Deguzman updated his innovative D418 design with new high performance features aimed to optimize performance on carpet and high grip race tracks. The D4 Evo3 includes a new chassis that moves the motor forward for improved weight balance, new gearboxes to allow lower ride height without compromising the suspension geometry, a lowered carbon fiber front shock tower, and E8 style chassis braces/rods that allow side flex while maintaining bending stiffness. Also included are DCJ (Dual Cardan Joint) front universals to eliminate front wheel chatter, machined aluminum front caster blocks, and new fully adjustable machined aluminum rear hub carriers. The D4 Evo3 is faster, stronger, and more adjustable…


HB Racing is excited to announce that Fabrizio Teghesi is the newest member of the HB World Racing Team. Fabrizio will campaign the full line of HB 1/8 cars at national and international events around the world. Everyone on the HB Racing Team welcomes Fabrizio to the team.

Here’s a comment from Fabrizio explaining his move to HB Racing: “I’m excited to be a part of the HB Racing family FACTORY TEAM. I really enjoy the project around this brand, I trust in what they trust! I will run 1/8 Nitro Buggy, 1/8 Nitro Truggy, 1/8 EP Buggy and 1/8 EP Truggy, and for the future who knows if I will add some other HB vehicles! I will drive at national and international races, but overall I will help all HB Racing enthusiasts with setup, advice, videos, and all other matters they need, I will even develop customer experience making connections with all of you and the HB headquarters, please feel free to contact me for information about HB racing! I would like to join the HB family and support as best I can! As maybe some of you know I’m active on all social network platforms such as Facebook, where you can find me as Fabrizio Teghesi RC, Instagram @fteghesi_rc and on my YouTube channel FabrizioTeghesi. Follow me for my new adventure with HB Racing! Can’t wait to hit the track with my new D819RS and E819RS”