Team Powers Radon Pro V5BT ESC

Hong kong Team Powers released the Radon Pro V5BT(2S) Speed Control/ESC (Ext. Blutooth Version).

Improvements based on Radon Pro V4.1:

* Change to 32-bit MCU with ultra-smooth, faster response with precise throttle and braking control. More top end power with the same item function setup when compared with Radon Pro V4.1.
* New PCB layout and new internal hardware design increase the heat dissipation and should be around 10’C lower than radon pro v4.1 working on the same condition. The speed control cooling fan can be removed when running small to medium track for modify/stock racing.
* Connect with external Bluetooth device for advanced programming and firmware update through the Mobile APPS. APPS will be available on both IOS and Android.
* Real Time Data Analysis through Mobile APPS(Current Input & Output Throttle, Temperature, RPM, Adv. Timing, Voltage and min. voltage, Max Temperature, RPM & Adv. Timing)
* Built-in one touch On/Off switch and support external On/Off switch.

* It is a new developed software with more advanced item functions added. Each item have small step to fine tune.
* All update item functions information can be reviewed from the photos attached.

Spektrum XT2000 Tire Warmer

The Spektrum RC Tire Warmer System is a must have for serious 1/10, 1/8 racers and Drag Racers looking for a competitive edge. Featuring full coverage tire wraps inspired by F1 racing that keep your tires at a race ready temperature between heats.

Kyosho Dirt Master 1/10 2WD Buggy

Developed as a ‘neo-retro’ model, the Kyosho “Dirt master” combines modern chassis design with traditional features. Breathtaking performance powers you over any low-grip surface from vacant lots to full-scale racing circuits. For your first Kyosho buggy, this is the one!

Brand new 1/10 Scale Radio Controlled Electric Powered 2WD Buggy Assembly kit Ultima SB Dirt Master. Buggies were created to venture off-road over rough surfaces at high speed and the Ultima SB Dirt Master is a return to the purest form of this fun and excitement.

If you want more than the entry-level model can deliver but top-end models are too focused on racing, the Dirt Master is perfect for good honest bush-bashing fun! Based on the competition-level Ultima RB5, the Dirt Master was developed as a mid-class buggy featuring high quality key performance components, at a reasonable price. The rear motor layout ensures secure rear tire grip that demonstrates rock-solid stability over low grip surfaces such as gravel and riverbeds. As the Ultima SB Dirt Master shares its racing heritage with the RB5, it is also at home on fully-fledged RC racing circuits too. With the excellent basic chassis design and a completely new body with a nostalgic flair, beginner drivers looking to step up to the next level of performance or hard-core racers looking for some fun will discover the Ultima SB Dirt Master is true to the original spirit of the buggy.

Sweep Racing 1/8 Buggy Tires

Sweep Racing released NANOBITE 8th buggy tires, the NANOBITE 8th Buggy tires are designed for Hard pack and Blue groove, oiled track conditions. NANOBITE has the smallest lug we ever made in our 8th Buggy tires range and the lugs are staying diagonal on our latest V6 carcase which is designed to reduce the balloon on high speed and it generates smooth feeling and is able to make consistent laptime. Available in normal and long life both compounds now.