Forza Horizon 5 celebrates the Lunar New Year with new cars

“Amid the sound of firecrackers, a year has come to an end,” and what better way to welcome the good fortune that the new year brings than with a nice drive through the Horizon Festival’s new features. This celebration will not last two weeks, though; the Horizon Festival has four weeks of content to celebrate this new lunar cycle.

Each of these weeks comes with a reward car featuring some of the greatest vehicles to ever come out of the Middle Kingdom! Take it a step further and purchase the Chinese Lucky Stars Car Pack which includes three cars destined for greatness made in China and a VW that stole the country’s heart. Your luck doesn’t end there; thirteen previous reward cars make their way back to the Festival as Autoshow cars are available from January 30. Another firecracker blast from the past sets in with the extended night cycle that makes a return for this series. Gather your family for an amazing, traditional dinner, and some laps around the Horizon Festival with the Lunar New Year Update!

The latest Car Pack for Forza Horizon 5 includes 4 cars made locally and VW’s biggest hit in China. Take a deeper look at the vehicles featured in the Chinese Lucky Stars Car Pack.