Hobbywing support 2023 FIRC| Foshan

The inaugural Foshan International Invitational RC Championship, with Hobbywing as the main sponsor, has received attention and support from many people inside and outside the industry. Hobbywing is a company focused on the research and development of electric technology and its application. Its product quality and innovation ability are leading in the industry. As the main sponsor of this championship, Hobbywing has provided strong brand influence and financial support for the event, making a positive contribution to promoting the development and popularization of RC competitions.

To enhance the visibility and international influence of the invitational championship, the organizer specially invited the 2016 World Champion and many top international and domestic drivers and media to participate. The arrival of these guests not only added to the excitement of the competition but also provided valuable learning opportunities for domestic players, which will help improve the overall level of RC competition in China.

At the same time, this international invitational championship also provides a stage for domestic players to showcase their skills. By competing with top drivers, domestic players can better understand their own shortcomings and improvement directions and accumulate experience for future competitions. Such competition opportunities also help promote the popularization and development of RC competition in China, allowing more people to understand and love this sport.

In short, this international invitational championship is not only an international competitive event but also an opportunity to promote the development of RC competition. With the sponsorship and support of Hobbywing, we believe this sport will be promoted and popularized among more people, adding new luster to the development of China’s sports industry.