Traxxas Monster Truck Tire Comparison

What do you think of when someone says “monster trucks”? The answer is massive tires, of course. When it comes to monster machines, whether they’re high-rolling car-crushers or track-taming race rigs, they all get a huge chunk of their performance and style from their outrageous rubber. Traxxas monster trucks are no different, and each rolls out on great-looking treads that match the model’s mission…and that’s just for starters! You can trade treads to suit your driving conditions and terrain, or simply to give your truck a fresh look. Let’s dig into all the tires you can choose to personalize and upgrade your Traxxas monster truck.

A Guide To Traxxas Monster Truck Tires

Talon EXT
Talon EXT tires Multi-terrain performance for 1/8 scale trucks Originally equipped on the E-Revo VXL Brushless, the Talon™ EXT’s low-profile, multi-level tread elements and flat carcass make this tire an excellent all-around performer on your Sledge too. Dirt, street, track, trail–the Talon EXT tread does it all! You can get them unmounted or mounted on truly monstrous 3.8” 6-spoke wheels. All mounted Talon EXT tires are TSM-rated.

Gravix tires Directional, low-profile tread delivers track-ready grip The Gravix tread is engineered for high-performance driving on the track and similar hard-pack conditions while offering plenty of tread depth for all-around off-roading. The directional tread and low-profile design improve steering response and side-bite, and the thick center carcass helps prevent ballooning at high speed. Gravix tires are sold in pairs for Rustler 4X4 VXL Ultimate, X-Maxx, and XRT, and are available unmounted as well as factory-glued.

Maxx AT
Maxx AT tires Aggressive yet smooth-rolling for big-scale action Developed specifically for the X-Maxx, the Maxx AT features an aggressive, multi-level tread design that wraps over the sidewalls for excellent all-conditions traction. The broad, closely spaced tread elements resist tearing in severe terrain and help your X-Maxx or XRT roll smoothly for street sessions. The Maxx AT is available in unmounted pairs, or factory-glued on several different wheel options.

Sledgehammer tires Ultra-rugged block treads and tall impact-absorbing sidewalls for the roughest terrain Ultra-rugged block treads and tall impact-absorbing sidewalls for the roughest terrain The Sledgehammer is Traxxas’ most aggressive monster tire, engineered for uncompromising all-terrain capability. Multiple tread levels and deep siping give Sledgehammers a surplus of terrain-grabbing edges. The tread elements are also widely spaced, enhancing grip in loose conditions and easily shedding mud and debris to keep the tires digging in instead of packing up. Traxxas offer TSM-rated Sledgehammers for X-Maxx, XRT, Sledge, Maxx, Hoss, Rustler 4X4, as well as 2WD Rustler and Stampede models. To see all the factory-mounted Sledgehammer wheel and color combos for your truck, just click the tab for your model on the Sledgehammer tire selector.