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Tamiya Blackfoot 2016 1/10th 2WD truck

Tamiya have announced the soon release of the 2016 Blackfoot 1/10th scale 2WD truck kit. The re-release of the original 1986 Blackfoot features a number of upgrades while still keeping that oldschool appearance and so the vehicle sports a 4-wheel independent suspension design with a front double wishbone and rear trailing arm setup, the kit comes with CVA shock absorbers as well as rear universal driveshafts for improved reliability, efficiency and power supply. Part of the kit are also yellow wheels with chevron-tread tyres and also the Blackfoot’s iconic pick-up truck bodyshell. It will available 2016 Sep 17. Continue reading Tamiya Blackfoot 2016 1/10th 2WD truck

Tamiya Portable Pit Backpack II

No more tired arms – this lightweight, tough polyester backpack is a great help at Mini 4WD race meets, and it can carry a portable pit along with other Mini 4WD essentials! The pocket on either side is made from mesh, and each is able to hold a 500ml drink bottle. In addition to the main zippered compartment of the backpack, the top is fitted with a handy pocket of its own, also zipper-fastened. Comfort is assured by the two adjustable bag side compression belts, plus a belt to go around the chest and ensure that the backpack remains stable. Metal zippers are equipped with Tamiya logo sliders, while the bag’s contents are cushioned by a pad at the bottom of the interior which can be folded out into a floor sheet for use at the Mini 4WD race venue. Available in black with a choice of red or blue trim, each bag proudly displays the Tamiya twin star logo. Continue reading Tamiya Portable Pit Backpack II

Tamiya TB Evo.6 MS Touring Car

Tamiya Limited Edition R/C Product,1/10 R/C Chassis Kit TB Evo. 6 MS.Item No: 84427This high performance shaft-driven 4WD chassis has 2mm-thick aluminum lower and carbon fiber upper decks, its double-deck frame giving controlled chassis flex on high-grip surfaces such as carpet. The motor has a left-side mounting point, with a newly-designed aluminum center bulkhead that ensures spur and miter gears give long-lasting, smooth rotation. It is also loaded with high spec parts such as tried and trusted TRF418 suspension arms, big bore TRF short dampers, a 20% lighter aluminum propeller shaft, plus the easy-to-adjust TRF419 single piece stabilizer stopper. Continue reading Tamiya TB Evo.6 MS Touring Car

Tamiya Team Hahn Racing MAN TGS

Weighing in at a colossal 5,400kg, the trucks in the European Truck Racing Championship are truly the heavyweights of motorsport. But size isn’t the only thing that’s extreme about these incredible machines. The Team Hahn Racing MAN TGS truck is powered by a huge 1,100hp turbocharged diesel engine. To get that phenomenal power from the engine to the tarmac is no easy task, which is why the truck takes advantage of a Mechanical 16-speed ZF gearbox to get it up to speed. In 2015, driver Joachim Hahn piloted the truck to a creditable 3rd position in the Championship. The Tamiya radio control replica faithfully captures the giant race truck. The polycarbonate body sits atop the TT-01 E chassis, which is designed for easy assembly and maintenance. Continue reading Tamiya Team Hahn Racing MAN TGS

Video TAMIYA MINI 4WD “Keep on Running”

Mini 4WD: 30 years old, and still going strong!Check out this video, which shows over 200 Mini 4WD cars from the original Racing Mini 4WD releases through to the latest machine; you’re bound to see some familiar faces from your Mini 4WD racing career.Catch the buzz again – Mini 4WD will Keep on Running with you! Continue reading Video TAMIYA MINI 4WD “Keep on Running”