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Smokem Racing T4’14-IIX chassis

It’s XRAY’s turn to get the Smokem treatment with the release of the T4’14-IIX chassis.At the heart of the T4’14-IIX is a proprietary 2.0mm thick “Pro-Weave” 100 percent carbon fiber construction – which is stiffer than conventional weave but softer than a quasi weave. As seen on the our 418-IIX and BD7-IIX chassis, this unique construction is married to a flowing contoured design for increased flex and a lowered centre of gravity. This combination delivers increased corner speed over a wide range of track conditions and temperatures.High speed steering and transitional response are also improved with the T4’14-IIX design. Furthermore, the differential and spur gear openings have been closed off to enhance flex characteristics and improve airflow on the bottom of the chassis. Continue reading Smokem Racing T4’14-IIX chassis