Hot on the heels of release of the AE B6 and B6D come X Factory Infinity shock towers for the new car. Made from 4mm carbon fiber, these towers follow on reports of the standard 3.5mm rear towers breaking in severe crashes.There are two versions of each tower, front and rear. There’s an Infinity front tower for the straight arms and for the gullwings. In the rear, we have an Infinity tower for the new standard height and the longer B5m shocks used on rougher lower traction surfaces. Continue reading X FACTORY INFINITY CF SHOCK TOWERS FOR B6 & B6D

Schumacher Antoni Caretti Double’s at AOC with Mi6

Schumacher’s Antoni Caretti put on an awesome display at the Asian On Road Championship down in Australia this last weekend. 170 drivers from mainly Australia took part in the event presented by legendary race organiser Scotty Ernst. Caretti won both the 13.5T Stock class and the Modified title with his Schumacher Mi6.Antoni is next off to Thailand to practice before heading off to China to test before the IFMAR Worlds. Continue reading Schumacher Antoni Caretti Double’s at AOC with Mi6

Vampire Racing 5mm to 4mm Adapter Plugs

Vampire Racing have introduced their new 5mm to 4mm bullet-type connector adapter plug. They come in handy when running the new-style 5mm connector and standard 4mm connector alongside as they do away with the need to rewire the speed controller or charger plugs. The reducer bushings feature a high-quality gold plating and they are available as pair or convenient 10-piece package. Continue reading Vampire Racing 5mm to 4mm Adapter Plugs

Tekno RC How To Videos: Setting Toe and Bump

Setting toe and bump can be confusing since there few tools that give an accurate measurement. In the video below, Ryan Lutz demonstrates a simple method to view toe and bump without using special tools. Since it is difficult to get an accurate measurement, his method helps give you a general idea of your vehicle’s toe position. He also demonstrates the proper way to adjust bump steer on Tekno RC vehicles. Continue reading Tekno RC How To Videos: Setting Toe and Bump

PROTOform Cadillac ATS-V.R race body

Due to popular demand, PROTOform has modified the popular Cadillac ATS-V.R race body into a 200mm version. The Cadillac ATS-V R was first seen for 190mm USGT racing and is now perfectly suited for the new World GT-R rubber tire pan car class or 200mm Touring Cars.Cadillac Racing stormed back into the motorsports spotlight in 2015 with their factory-works
ATS-V.R race car, the third generation of V-Series race cars. Built to international FIA GT3 specifications, this pedigree allows it to potentially run in more than 30 different GT series around the world. The ATS-V.R has proven a success with top drivers Johnny O’Connell and Andy Pilgrim at the wheel, scoring multiple overall wins and pole positions in the World Challenge series. PROTOform is proud to bring the racing heritage of Cadillac back to 1/10 RC racing with our officially-licensed rendition of the Cadillac ATS-V.R. With every detail of the full-scale race car captured and an extensive decal sheet, racers will appreciate the ultra-realistic looks. This 2-door coupe race body is formed from genuine .030” lexan® and includes injection-molded wing struts. As always, wing mounting hardware, and paint-then-peel overspray film are included. Continue reading PROTOform Cadillac ATS-V.R race body

Tamiya Blackfoot 2016 1/10th 2WD truck

Tamiya have announced the soon release of the 2016 Blackfoot 1/10th scale 2WD truck kit. The re-release of the original 1986 Blackfoot features a number of upgrades while still keeping that oldschool appearance and so the vehicle sports a 4-wheel independent suspension design with a front double wishbone and rear trailing arm setup, the kit comes with CVA shock absorbers as well as rear universal driveshafts for improved reliability, efficiency and power supply. Part of the kit are also yellow wheels with chevron-tread tyres and also the Blackfoot’s iconic pick-up truck bodyshell. It will available 2016 Sep 17. Continue reading Tamiya Blackfoot 2016 1/10th 2WD truck

Pro-Line 1985 Toyota HiLux Body

This is a 1985 Toyota HiLux SR5 Rock Crawler Body. Toyota® fans rejoice! Pro-Line is pleased to announce the release of the fully licensed 1985 Toyota® HiLux SR5 truck body for the SCX10 Trail Honcho! Pro-Line brings another iconic crawler back to life with exacting scale details and performance enhancements that will please any scale adventurer.This 1985 Toyota® HiLux SR5 body is available in two configurations; either with the Cab and Bed or just the Cab alone so you can mount the Cab and/or the Bed separately and customize to your liking. Shown Here with the Pro-Line PL-C Interior. The front and rear end have been slightly dovetailed for maximum crawling performance without affecting scale appearance. Get Back to the Future with Pro-Line’s new 1985 Toyota® HiLux SR5 Clear Body! Continue reading Pro-Line 1985 Toyota HiLux Body

RDRP Ultra Tire Glueing Set

New from Revolution Design Racing Products comes the Ultra Tire Glueing Set. Containing a bottle of RDRP’s all-new Ultra Tire Cleaner, a bottle of the popular Ultra Tire Glue as well as a total of eight RDRP Ultra Tire Bands, the comprehensive set includes everything needed to prepare several sets of 1/10th buggy, 1/10th short course and even 1/8th buggy tyres. Continue reading RDRP Ultra Tire Glueing Set