JQRacing Centre Diff Weight

JQRacing Centre Diff Weight,the new 23g Centre Diff Weight for THECar, that is attached to the standard diff cup. The idea is to smooth out the acceleration, and get the power to the ground smoother maintaining better traction. The weight also means that the inertia of the drive train is higher, which leads to a more stable car that maintains corner speed easier when off power. The central location of the weight is beneficial, compared to having all of the drive train heavier, it is better to focus it on the centre diff. Continue reading JQRacing Centre Diff Weight

Raceform Evolver CAR STAND

Raceform includes your name on your Car Stand,CUSTOMIZED LASER ENGRAVED NAME.Precisely machined and manufactured from high quality Plexiglas.EVA foams padding to prevent slippage and also protects scratches from sandy under-chassis.Top holes for shock and diff building (4x Small holes for 1/10 scale and 4x large holes for 1/8 Scale),Includes Customized Laser Engraving of your name,Comes in 3 outstanding colors including the crystal clear,Neon Green and Candy Tone Orange attracts light from the surface and emits glow thru the edges and engraved areas. Continue reading Raceform Evolver CAR STAND

HUDY Pit Bag – Compact

The legendary, purpose-designed RC car pit bag from HUDY has been completely redesigned & improved. The new lighter and more compact design allows much easier handling, transport, and use for all on- and off-road racing in 1/8 and 1/10 classes.Smartly designed and laid out with open internal side pockets for items you need to access quickly, and tool pockets for engine & carburetor tools or any other tools you need.The large main storage compartment is designed to precisely fit a 1/8 or 1/10 starter box, while the other large storage compartment can be used for spare tires, equipment, and much more. There is even an extra pocket specially designed for a fuel bottle. Continue reading HUDY Pit Bag – Compact

2016 IFMAR 1/10 IC Track World Championship – Finals Report

Greiner Finds Perfection To Win Maiden IFMAR 1/10th IC Track World Championship.They say perfection is impossible to achieve, but Dominic Greiner disproved that notion in an absolutely dominant drive to a maiden IFMAR World Title, claiming victory in the final of the 2016-17 IFMAR 1/10 IC Track World Championship in Gubbio, Italy. The young Serpent star had shown glimpses of this form in the lead-up to finals day, putting in stirring drives in early practice and crushing his semi-final in fine fashion. And once TQ and home star Dario Balestri (Capricorn) fell by the wayside after just nine laps, the fiercely determined German took the lead and never looked back. A picture in focus and relentless concentration during the 60-minute final, the only moment he betrayed any emotion was immediately after the checkered flag dropped, bellowing with joy and sharing tearful embraces with friends, family and Team Serpent chief Michael Salven and wife Jill. It was all entirely deserved and justified; few times will one see such a faultless and dominant drive on the biggest stage of them all. And after reigning champion Alexander Hagberg’s title defence came to a shocking end in the 1/8th finals, the opportunity was there for a new superstar to arise, and Greiner took it with both hands. Continue reading 2016 IFMAR 1/10 IC Track World Championship – Finals Report

Team Associated Rival 1:18 4WD Monster Truck RTR

Just like its cousins the AE Reflex 1:18 and Apex 1:18, the Team Associated Rival monster truck comes complete with a transmitter, motor, battery, and charger. All you’ll need to do is charge the included battery pack, add four AA batteries, and you are ready to go!The Rival 1:18 features chrome wheels with aggressive, terrain-defying monster truck tires and an inline-mounted “Super 370” high-performance motor. Continue reading Team Associated Rival 1:18 4WD Monster Truck RTR

Axial 2000 Jeep® Cherokee Body

Throughout the rich history surrounding the Jeep® brand, there have been several influential vehicles hailing from the seven-slot stable, one of which is the Jeep® Cherokee (XJ). Possibly considered as the dawn of the modern SUV, the XJ was first presented 1984 as one of the first small SUV’s introduced into the American market, which carried on until 2001. During its 17yr production run, the XJ was built on several continents for world wide exposure, offered in either a 2-door or 4-door configuration, available in several different trim levels along with either a 2wd or 4wd drivetrain. Under the hood featured three different engine options consisting of 2.5L I4 AMC (125hp @ 5400rpm and 150lb/ft of torque @ 3250rpm), 4.0L I6 OHC AMC (193hp@4600rpm and 231lb/ft of torque @ 3000rpm), and a Euro spec only turbo diesel I4 OHV (114hp@3900rpm and 221 lb/ft @ 2000rpm). In 97’, the XJ received a facelift that updated design queues focused on aerodynamics, body stiffness, styling as well as the spare tire being relocated from the rear bumper to inside the cab. The stiffer uni-body construction brought forth improvements in noise cancellation and vibrations while aerodynamics improved engine efficiency. Continue reading Axial 2000 Jeep® Cherokee Body

Arrma Fury Mega 2WD Short Course

Arrma Fury Mega 1/10 2WD Short Course Truck,From the dirt track to the snow-covered parking lot, the FURY is the perfect choice if you have an appetite for adventure.When the conditions demand super-tough build quality and striking short course truck looks, the FURY MEGA has everything you need to lay down some serious tracks, no matter what surface you choose to challenge.All-terrain, any conditions. The FURY MEGA can put the brushed motor torque down on dirt, gravel, sand, mud, snow, grass, asphalt and anything in between.The ARRMA MEGA waterproof 35A ESC, combined with the 15T MEGA Brushed Motor, provide smooth and consistent power control in all conditions.Supplied with an integrated red aluminum heat sink fin to assist with heat dissipation in warm running conditions, the MEGA ESC is designed to be used with the supplied NiMh Battery Pack.The TTX300 radio system will provide fast and consistent control for your ARRMA vehicle. Using 2.4Ghz technology, your ARRMA vehicle is controlled by a wheel and trigger style radio transmitter. Continue reading Arrma Fury Mega 2WD Short Course


Hot on the heels of release of the AE B6 and B6D come X Factory Infinity shock towers for the new car. Made from 4mm carbon fiber, these towers follow on reports of the standard 3.5mm rear towers breaking in severe crashes.There are two versions of each tower, front and rear. There’s an Infinity front tower for the straight arms and for the gullwings. In the rear, we have an Infinity tower for the new standard height and the longer B5m shocks used on rougher lower traction surfaces. Continue reading X FACTORY INFINITY CF SHOCK TOWERS FOR B6 & B6D