RDRP Ultra Tire Glueing Set

New from Revolution Design Racing Products comes the Ultra Tire Glueing Set. Containing a bottle of RDRP’s all-new Ultra Tire Cleaner, a bottle of the popular Ultra Tire Glue as well as a total of eight RDRP Ultra Tire Bands, the comprehensive set includes everything needed to prepare several sets of 1/10th buggy, 1/10th short course and even 1/8th buggy tyres. Continue reading RDRP Ultra Tire Glueing Set

Tekno RC at the 2016 ROAR Electric Nationals

This past weekend the Tekno team traveled to Fremont, Indiana to participate in the ROAR 1/8th Electric and 4×4 Short Course Nationals. The event was hosted by the awesome Stateline R/C crew and drew about 160 entries over the 3 classes.Qualifying used your best two of four rounds and both Ryan and Joe put in solid enough runs in the first two rounds to qualify into the A main. So the other rounds were used to try to improve position on the grid. Joe’s best qualifiers were Rd 2 of SC where he took 2nd and in Etruggy rd 2 where he got a 3rd. Ryan’s best were a few 2nd place runs in SC and a TQ pace in the last two buggy qualifiers to fall just a bit short in the end with a 2nd and 3rd.The A mains were set but the weather was ominous. They decided to run A1s Saturday night in case the rains came Sunday. In A1 of Buggy which was up first Ryan led during the middle of the run for about 6 laps before a weird traction roll knocked him back to 4th. Joe was up to 3rd and they battled the last few laps. On the last lap slight contact happened on the left front hip jump and Ryan got by and took 3rd and Joe came home in 4th. Continue reading Tekno RC at the 2016 ROAR Electric Nationals

Arrowmax Quick-Tweak Station

As chassis tweak being one of the most important aspect on setting up a car, with a tweaked chassis it will perform irregularly and create all kind of symptoms that will resemblance a wrongly set up car. To make sure the chassis are correctly set up, first you will have to make sure the chassis are level and not tweaked. Arrowmax are now introducing its first ever tweaking station that can cater all the different on-road classes, including 1/10th and 1/12th electric pan car, 1/10th nitro and electric touring car, and 1/8th scale nitro/electric pan car. The station are super easy to use, laser engrave track width marking, wheelbase being adjustable on a super smooth center rod with full ball bearing support, a super precise spirit level which are viewable from multi angle. Made by high quality aluminum, the tweaking station are both light weight and compact. Come in Arrowmax gun-metal grey and suitable for all serious racers.Model:AM-170080 Continue reading Arrowmax Quick-Tweak Station

Tamiya Portable Pit Backpack II

No more tired arms – this lightweight, tough polyester backpack is a great help at Mini 4WD race meets, and it can carry a portable pit along with other Mini 4WD essentials! The pocket on either side is made from mesh, and each is able to hold a 500ml drink bottle. In addition to the main zippered compartment of the backpack, the top is fitted with a handy pocket of its own, also zipper-fastened. Comfort is assured by the two adjustable bag side compression belts, plus a belt to go around the chest and ensure that the backpack remains stable. Metal zippers are equipped with Tamiya logo sliders, while the bag’s contents are cushioned by a pad at the bottom of the interior which can be folded out into a floor sheet for use at the Mini 4WD race venue. Available in black with a choice of red or blue trim, each bag proudly displays the Tamiya twin star logo. Continue reading Tamiya Portable Pit Backpack II

Usukani & HC Works brushless sensor motor

Usukani launched for 540 brushless sensor motor special for drift. Timing is adjustable. Before release this motor have fixed into the chassis by Usukani drivers to test and use in many competition. The linearity is soft when starting, and power burst following.Such excellent linearity will help you to achieve outstanding results.The appearance and packing of motor are all designed by HC Works Office. HC Works represent a craftsman spirit,so motor named Venom.Motor have excellence performance and worthy of collection. It will be global limited edition for only 500pcs. Continue reading Usukani & HC Works brushless sensor motor

Scorpion RR-3420-21.5T sensored brushless motor

Scorpion’s RS-3420 series motor has proven itself by shattering numerous IFMAR race records. Scorpion is thrilled to announce the new RR-3420-21.5T motor for the high demands of ROAR racing.The RR-3420 offers the most pure, sensor-based control and precision on the market. If you’re looking for an incredibly smooth ride while making huge brushless power in your 1/10th and 1/12th scale electric race cars, look no further than the RR-3420.Years of research and development by our top engineers combined with on-track testing by professional drivers has made the RR-3420 blisteringly fast without giving up smoothness or drivability. With its ease of installation into a wide variety of chassis, you’ll be shattering record speeds in no time whether you’re a professional driver, weekend warrior, or just tear up the streets.Each Scorpion RR-3420 motor is equipped with a 12.50 mm rotor for maximum torque, braking power, and performance in low operating temperature. Continue reading Scorpion RR-3420-21.5T sensored brushless motor

Yeahracing 90mm Desert Lizard Two Stage Internal Spring Damper

Introducing the Yeah Racing Desert Lizard internal spring shock for crawlers, comes pre-assembled for easy upgrading your current rig! Comes with a full set of springs and machined pistons for you to setup your rig for all sorts of different conditions! Included are springs for you to build either a droop or a sprung setup, a sprung setup will create a rig which will generate a lot of flex and more suspension travel. For the droop setup, your rig will sit lower and because of a spring under the piston, will be less prone to rolling over but will generate less flex. Featuring a triple O-Ring sealing cartridge which will prevent shock oil leakage! For: HPI Crawler King / Gmade R1 KOMODO / Vaterra K5 / AXIAL SCX10 / RC Crawlers. Continue reading Yeahracing 90mm Desert Lizard Two Stage Internal Spring Damper

Axial AX90055 SMT10™ Grave Digger Monster Jam Truck 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD

Over the past decade, Axial has been synonymous with crawlers and the scale trail community for creating vehicles that inspire endless adventure and creative freedom. Something interesting started to evolve and a trend began to appear, 4WD straight axle Monster Jam® Trucks. What’s usually the first thought that comes to mind when someone mentions Monster Jam? Grave Digger® – who is sitting right up on top! The iconic black, purple, and green graveyard themed paint job has been haunting and thrilling fans for over 30 years. Axial went all out when designing the chassis and roll cage for the SMT10™ Grave Digger Monster Jam Truck. Very similar to modern era full size monster trucks, this chassis was developed for maximum strength and an extremely detailed appearance. Not to mention, it’s the first true-to-scale 4WD straight axle Monster Jam Truck available on the market today! Continue reading Axial AX90055 SMT10™ Grave Digger Monster Jam Truck 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD

PR S1 V3 (MM) 1/10 Electric 2WD Buggy PRO Kit

PR Racing happy to announce a new 1/10 2wd buggy platform based on V3 design that which is optimized for medium to low grip tracks such as dirt and wet astroturf. The new PRS1 V3 (MM) 2wd buggy will be available very soon.The new V3 (MM) Buggy will showcase a 3 Gear Mid Motor Transmission. The battery placement on our new V3 (MM) Chassis design will offer both vertical and horizontal placement which helps give versatility and gives the driver the chance to find the best possible weight distribution for their application. Continue reading PR S1 V3 (MM) 1/10 Electric 2WD Buggy PRO Kit