2016 IFMAR 1/10 IC Track World Championship – Finals Report

Greiner Finds Perfection To Win Maiden IFMAR 1/10th IC Track World Championship.They say perfection is impossible to achieve, but Dominic Greiner disproved that notion in an absolutely dominant drive to a maiden IFMAR World Title, claiming victory in the final of the 2016-17 IFMAR 1/10 IC Track World Championship in Gubbio, Italy. The young Serpent star had shown glimpses of this form in the lead-up to finals day, putting in stirring drives in early practice and crushing his semi-final in fine fashion. And once TQ and home star Dario Balestri (Capricorn) fell by the wayside after just nine laps, the fiercely determined German took the lead and never looked back. A picture in focus and relentless concentration during the 60-minute final, the only moment he betrayed any emotion was immediately after the checkered flag dropped, bellowing with joy and sharing tearful embraces with friends, family and Team Serpent chief Michael Salven and wife Jill. It was all entirely deserved and justified; few times will one see such a faultless and dominant drive on the biggest stage of them all. And after reigning champion Alexander Hagberg’s title defence came to a shocking end in the 1/8th finals, the opportunity was there for a new superstar to arise, and Greiner took it with both hands.



From twenty minutes in the battle was not for the victory, but for who would finish second to Greiner. And it came down to a thrilling clash between Alessio Mazzeo (Serpent), reigning IFMAR 1/8 IC Track World Champion Simon Kurzbuch (Shepherd) and reigning EFRA 1/10 IC Track European Champion Bruno Coelho (XRay). The gaps between all three fluctuated as all three fell further behind Greiner, but in the closing ten minutes all three converged again, leading to a thrilling three-way battle for the final two podium spots featuring superbly aggressive driving from all three and Mazzeo eventually denying Kurzbuch at the line and both men forcing Coelho off the podium.

Last-chance semi-final qualifier Takaaki Shimo (Mugen) took fifth ahead of Carmine Raiola (Infinity) and fellow LCQ Kyle Branson (Capricorn). Robert Pietsch (Mugen) and former IFMAR 1/10 World Champion Meen Vejrak (Capricorn) had early pit issues which dropped them out of contention, as of course did Balestri.